Where is Dutch spoken?

Where is Dutch Spoken

Where is Dutch spoken? Even though we are proud of our language, we know that Dutch is not necessarily a very popular language to learn. Hardly anyone in the world speaks it right? Isn’t it also pretty difficult to learn? And don’t all Dutchies understand English anyway? Yes, we’ve heard it all before. But did […]

Traditions in The Netherlands | New Year’s Eve explained

New Year's Eve in the Netherlands

Traditions in the Netherlands | New Year’s Eve explaind Eating 12 grapes at midnight, wearing red underwear, decorating a New Year Tree…every country and culture has its own set of New Year’s Eve traditions, and The Netherlands is no exception to the rule. While the evening itself mainly revolves around eating, drinking and fireworks, the […]

Dutch dialects

Dutch Dialects explained. Map of the Netherlands

Dutch dialects Ever realized that the Dutch people you meet sound nothing like the Dutch you’re learning? It’s a pretty frustrating feeling, specifically when you have spent lots of time taking Dutch lessons. Unfortunately, Dutch dialects are a part of our language, and learning more about them will only help you in your quest of […]

Traditions in The Netherlands | Sinterklaas explained

Sinterklaar in the Netherlands

Traditions in the Netherlands | Sinterklaas explained As an expat in The Netherlands, you will quickly hear about the tradition of Sinterklaas. Something with an old guy handing out gifts? Putting your shoe out? Pepernoten? It can get confusing as Sinterklaas is celebrated not only on 1 particular day in December, but also spreads out […]

Rain in the Netherlands

Rain in the Netherlands

Rain in The Netherlands Why we can’t stop talking about it Small talk is an essential part of any language, and important to master when looking to connect with locals in your new home country. These types of talks can be about anything; from simply asking someone about their weekend to chatting about work and […]